"Персей Групп" существует на рынке транспортных услуг более 10 лет

"Персей Групп" существует на рынке транспортных услуг уже 10 лет


Main types Activities:

Transportation logistics, including international transportation logistics with the optimization of transport schemes and routes for the delivery of goods.

  • Freight operations
  • Ship's agency
  • Freight forwarding on all terminals Port of St. Petersburg and the region
  • Organization of cargo handling at the terminals of St. Petersburg and Europe
  • Organization of customs clearance
  • Organization of rail, road and river traffic on the RF
  • Organization of road and river transport in Europe
  • Container shipments
  • Insurance of goods in transit

Our company has direct contracts with all terminals and stevedoring companies, port of St. Petersburg, as well as direct agreements with carriers, their own personal account on the railway.

All employees are skilled managers, transportation services.

Our customers are shipping - a major Russian companies and holdings, as well as foreign companies.

Contact us and you will get good service on shipping with minimum cost!

Main types of cargo handled by us:

  • Oil and gas pipes of any diameter range and
  • Steel plates
  • Hardware - oil and gas, electric, brewing (including large)
  • Grain shipments
  • Containers