Delivery of goods in containers

One of the most profitable, convenient and efficient means of transportation of goods are containerized transport. Benefits that they provide this service to derive the leading position as the global turnover.
Containers come in many different types, so they can carry different loads – oversize, bulk, piece, liquid, perishable, dangerous, etc. Construction of containers are durable and leak-proof, thus, placed in their product does not need to overload intermodal transport.

Container transport on different transport modes provide the ability to load cargo on the consignor’s warehouse and deliver goods to the warehouse. This ensures a high degree of quality and safety of goods during the entire journey. Container transport by universal container packaging ensures rapid delivery of goods, and the time for loading – unloading operations is minimized. Much simpler scheme for customs inspection and customs clearance of goods.

Container transportation is carried out by our company through various modes of transport. We practice individual approach to each client and we select for each of them the most favorable terms and rates for cargo from Europe, China, the United States. Choosing the method of delivery should be tailored to suit each type of traffic.

Container shipping is used to transport goods over long distances, when there is no possibility of communication by land. This delivery is very economical, but has a low rate and depends on the bandwidth characteristics of ports.

Railway container transport is much more expensive than offshore, but have the optimal ratio of delivery time and price. Standard containers are easy to transport by rail, and refrigerated trucks – containers provide the possibility of rapid transport of perishable goods.