International Logistics


Trading industry, light industry and heavy industry, medicine and pharmacology are not possible without mutual cooperation with enterprises and organizations of other countries, which implies an exchange of various materials, raw materials and commodities. For this type of activity carried out the necessary international carriage of goods.

Our company, carrying out international carriage of goods, solves a complex problem. First, we cooperate with many European, U.S. and Chinese shipping companies, which allows for a range of services from door to door virtually anywhere in the world. Secondly – we have experience in supply in the South American countries. And finally, have the necessary contacts for with shipowners and shipping companies in the Far East, the Black Sea basin and Europe.
International transport of goods, of course, require you to select the most appropriate mode of transport. Cargo can be large or custom sizes, which require special vehicles. Pharmaceutical products or food containers are transported with refrigeration equipment. International transport of goods can also be produced and the different means of transport in different parts of the route of cargo.

For the success of the work required to transport the right choice most appropriate and cost-effective route, which is advantageous for saving the client, and contributes to better preservation of the goods.
International transportation of goods associated with registration of documents required for customs inspection. Qualified specialists company-carrier, if desired client shall prepare all necessary customs documents and represent its interests during customs points. Experience and knowledge necessary to help the organizers of the transport process inspection on all the relevant rules.

Quality and professional international freight carried by Perseus groups in various European countries, as well as countries in other continents. We provide an individual approach to each client, and consideration of specific goods.