Freight Forwarding

Qualified employees of our organization Perseus Group, which carry cargo, provide a full range of qualified and reliable services. It is a transportation by modern means of transport and the provision of warehousing, customs clearance. No less important is the reliable and professional freight forwarding. We have contracts with leading companies of the Big Port of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region ports handling bulk cargo, general cargo and steel that give our customers a guarantee of a delivery on time, but also to preserve its integrity, quality and quantity.
Forwarder is obliged to accompany the load provided by the client from the first minute of transportation to its delivery to the desired destination. For this type of work, our company offers only the most highly qualified professionals. A long-term working experience with almost all the terminals in St. Petersburg helps us to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Freight forwarding begins with the control of proper loading for transportation, reliable securing and covering. If the object of transportation requires a temporary storage in a warehouse, freight is responsible for the conditions and safety of storage. Not only the head-office but also the client must be informed about all involuntary change of route or schedule of the freight forwarder. Freight forwarding allows to minimize material losses and preserve the cargo at maximum even in unforeseen circumstances. Our company, in the case of international traffic, offers services in customs clearance in order to control customs inspection, the precision of the procedure and protect the interests of the client.

Freight forwarding solves a lot of problems for the client of transporting companies, saving valuable time and ensuring qualified delivery. Forwarder oversees unloading goods at the final destination and the compliance with all requirements for the transfer of cargo.